Month: April 2007

Sony Rootkit, sucks too.

So, for the first time in my career today, I had to remove the Sony DRM Rootkit. It hides any files, folders, or registry keys starting in $sys$. Nasty. Here is how you remove it. Quick Fix: Run cmd /k

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Fraggle Rock… Rocks.

Recently, I came across a cache of Fraggle Rock episodes. I watched a few and I remember how much I loved them as a kid. I never got to watch them at home, as we didn’t have cable, but I

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I want HARDWARE… and a new house.

I want a couple of these solid-state flash-based storage devices for my computer. Goodbye load times, hello fast-as-hell rig. I would also love to have one of these 19″ LCD monitors. The reviews are friggin’ awesome, and my monitor is

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I really dislike

Once upon a time, a long time ago, my co-workers and I submitted Leaded Mario Brothers to twice, and both times were rejected. They said it was too much like the original, the production was bad, and that we

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Backdoor.Rustock.B Sucks!

So, I was bailing out two of my technicians, because a computer they both worked on came back for Blue Screen Of Death and Firefox crashing issues. (To their credit, the suggestions I gave them based on the information they

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Disable Windows Data Execution Prevention

Found a cool article here and here that talks about hacking the boot.ini file in XP/Srv2003 to completely shut off Data Execution Prevention. Useful if the machine is infected with some sort of baddie and the friggin shell won’t load

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So, I decided to start a blog..

Against what it said on my front page, I decided to start a blog. I prolly won’t post about daily crap, because who really cares what I ate for lunch, or how long it took me to get to work,

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