Month: July 2007

Display Tabs Missing In Windows XP (NOT via POLICY)

Got a Windows XP Machine? Got missing Display Tabs? Tried all the other fixes that tell you to fudge with system policy settings in the registry? Try this: Grab WindowsShell.manifest Put it into your %windir% (e.g. C:windows). Works like a

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Fix missing services & Active Directory / Remote Desktop / Network Printer Missing

It’s a two-fer today. First off,  if you have a Windows XP machine (2k variants, too probably) that has a completely missing, yet normally present system service, lets say like, Windows Audio, you can fix it fairly easily by "grafting"

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Change XP Search to Classic Search

Run Regedit Go To HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerCabinetState Create a new String Value called Use Search Asst with the value of yes Close regedit. YAY!

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Block Flash, in both IE and Firefox

Ever been stuck with a website with horribly annoying flash ads and/or 1x1pixel flash trackers or popup generators. Well, here’s two cool ways to block flash in both IE and Firefox: Firefox/Mozilla/etc.: get the Flashblock extension. Internet Explorer: try this

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Kitchen Floor

Warning: Rule Breaking Boring Daily Life Post – For My Amusement Only I am having my kitchen floor replaced today. We spent the last couple of weeks preparing the floor for replacement, and boy has it been an adventure. We

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Lego Wiki – UP

Its official – the Lego Wiki box is up. I have been spending the last couple of days entering data for my vessels, working on article formating, creating new ideas… There is much more data to be input and I

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Lego Wiki – Installed

After many hours of beating my head aganst hard objects because Ubuntu was being belligerent, I have my Lego Wiki software installed and running. I went with Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty, MediaWiki, and an old PIII 800Mhz box. As soon as

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Fauxjito Cocktail

Juice of half a lime 1 packet splenda 4 leaves mint (kentucky is best) 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon rum extract 8oz soda water Make like a mojito. YAY. Alcohol Free! I make them when I have extra limes laying around

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Lego Wiki – Update

The OpenWiki software kinda sucks. I must admit that it was easy as hell to install. Since I already have a directory on the site dedicated to “full control” access, I was able to just pop the database file up

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Lego Wiki – On a Windows Box?

Well, it seems that if my hosting provider is willing to do some custom installation for me, then I can probably have a Wiki on their windows server. What sucks about this entire wiki situation, is that because is

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