Month: August 2007

Lego: Nova Carrier updated

I have been working on the Nova Carrier 3D Model quite a bit lately, and I have updated the piccies on the website to reflect that. I am learning a lot of stuff I didn’t learn years ago. Nice, high

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My first professional printer repair

I did my first professional printer repair today. The short story: laser printer repair is remarkably easy. The long story: Had an HP LJ1200 at front desk and a LJ1000 in the shop. The 1200’s laser unit died a few

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Stress and loathing in the tech shop.

Oh, what a week from hell this has been. It has been one long stress-fest from day one. Trying to remember everything that happened would be almost impossible, but let me see if I can get the gist of it…

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Idle time…

I really haven’t posted anything in a long time. Nothing really new has been happening in the tech world. Lets see: Windows Vista does not have a repair install in the standard sense. You can do a new installation without

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Computer Museum Wiki in progress..

Spent the rear-end of my night tonight persuading MediaWiki to install multiple instances under the same code-base on my server, and I finally got it working. The reason: Computer Museum. It’s technically up right now, but there isn’t any data

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10 Days in Tech Hell

I’ve had the worst 10 days in technician hell. I had the opportunity to work on several computers that were either very broken requiring enormous effort to fix, or would seem to be almost fixed then give me a nice

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