Month: October 2007

Goodbye to MacOS X

The partition for my MacOS X install was smaller than I would have liked, so I tried to change it with an Ubuntu Live CD and parted. Sometimes I just like to change things to see what happens. It caused

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Sydney, the 5 year old, Labrador/Colie Mixed, hyperactive, afraid of a loud fart, oversized lapdog…. Says "Hi."

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More details on my MacOS Adventures

Well, it seems most things are working under MacOS X. What is working: Quartz Extreme and Core Image seem to be supported and working. The audio works. After some hacking of the Info.plist file I got my network card working.

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MacOS X 10.5 Leopard is neat and all…

… but running it on standard PC hardware is neater. This blog post was posted using my computer named “THE-BEAST” running MacOS X 10.5 and Safari. It was a pain to install, but a great learning experience. Overall, it went

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Being a tech again…

Had the opportunity to be a technician again. It’s a nice change of pace from being a administrator all the time. Every once in a while I have to get my head out of the paperwork and politics to keep

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It seems the video card was at fault.

My Pentium D 805 runs correctly at speeds greater than 3.62GHz after all. Remember when my video card died? Well, apparently, it suffered from a slow failure and not a sudden one, therefore being the cause of my previous primary

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Created some Latin

It’s been a while, but I had the opportunity to create a phrase in Latin today. A co-worker needed a Latin phrase created for a family crest or something for a story he is writing. He wanted the following phrase:

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Lego Carrier again

The Lego Carrier is coming along nicely now. I was really unhappy with the way the fighter flight pods looked, so I redesigned them. The new design makes the vessel look much more proportional side-to-side than it was, and gives

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