Month: November 2007


Listening to Radiohead (not my choice). Finished doing some telework via-RDP. Sitting here, cold, with want to post something cool on my blog, but I dont have anything cool to post. So, Ill just post this instead. Maybe there’s a

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Ultimate PC Technician’s Toolkit

Here is my dream toolkit. Throw suggestions into the comments, if you wanna. EDIT: 11/26 – Added Floppy and CD Drive Cleaning kits to the list… NOTES: This does not include replacement parts because I do not count those as

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Oberlin’s Weird Architecture

I recently took a trip up north and passed through Oberlin, Ohio, home of Oberlin College. Right downtown they have the weirdest buidling, the Oberlin College Hall Auditorium. It was designed and built around 1950, and looks it. Here’s a

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Musings on Lego

I always thought I was good at Lego. But, I really have huge barriers to cross before I get really good. I have a bad habit of building in the traditional manner, by stacking bricks one on top of another.

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I took some photos today with a really nice camera. It’s just a bunch of random things around the house and yard. I took over 130 shots, but some weren’t’ that great, so here’s the ones I think are really

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Ethernet went ethereal

The-Beast’s Ethernet controller went *poof*. The onboard Gigabit controller decided to take a huge nosedive on me. Incoming data worked fine, but the thing just could not push out data. It maxed at about 2.5KBps, even on the internal network.

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