Month: February 2008

Scrabble Game 2.29.08

For those of you not in the know, I like to play Scrabble. For an average pedestrian player with a pedestrian vocabulary, I play a mean game, frequently scoring over 500 points and rarely missing an opportunity for a Bingo.

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I got a new toy.

I told you about it before, but I am too excited for words. Here’s something better than human speech… More pictures and a Museum entry as time allows…

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Hello, Michael

Hello, KITT. I watched the 2 hour Knight Rider special tonight, and I have to say that I am looking forward to the series, if they decide to show one. The show isn’t Battelstar Galactica, but it is better than

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Let the returns begin

I have started the RMA process for the motherboard in The-Beast. Hopefully, Gigabyte won’t take their sweet time getting the board back to me. In the interim, good old Lappy Z81D is my primary computer. Lappy does a good job,

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I love Ubuntu

The software is stellar. It is my favorite web server platform, period. It’s fast. It’s reliable. It blows all other Linux distros out of the water for personal style web serving and desktop Linux use. Well, in my opinion. The

Posted in Technology Tagged with: , Conversion Complete has finished it’s conversion from Windows jail to Linux freedom. Open Source: feel the breeze. Enjoy the new layout. It was the toughest part, a labor of love. It took me a total of 24 hours of work to

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WordPress almost ready to go.

I spent the last couple of days getting the WordPress blog running. That is to say, the blog was running in about 5 minutes. The time was really spent finding a suitable theme then hacking the hell out of it

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WordPress is cool…. and IE6 renders this blog incorrectly.

I am in the process of switching my webhosting over from a Windows based thing I get for free, but don’t have any control over to a linux based solution, that will be co-located for free, but I will own

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Stupid people have it made…

Check out this link. ‘Nuff said.

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SimCity Education

Played around with SimCity 4 tonight, and educated myself on Sunken Ground Level Highways. Allows for really cool, at grade overpasses of highways in your city. WOOT. The Sunken Highways bible is here.

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