Month: April 2008

7zip vs. WinRAR – Who Wins?

My personal experience: They are almost exactly the same, on average. I had been using WinRAR (almost)exclusively because of its “Password Protect File Names” feature, but 7zip does that now, too. Didn’t last time I tried it (or I was

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More Piccys

I took some piccys today on a whim. Odd lighting plus weird camera setting = funky pictures. Thank heavens for image manipulation.. Piccys are here…

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Everything begins and ends with Star Trek

Am I the only one who noticed the Star Trek reference in tonight’s Battlestar Galactica? They met in Weapons Locker 1701D. 1 – 7 – 0 – 1 – D . .. Jean-Luc’s Enterprise. Can’t they come up with something

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Only In America…

… will you see two fat friends go to a donut shop, have several treats and cups of coffee, then when done, get up, egress the building, enter their seperate cars, and drive both to the same destination … the

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I have been doing nothing really lately of any worth, other than pulling my hair out about my employment, and hacking the website theme to get it ready for distribution. And this is why I don’t usually like talking about

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What a long week. Work was a nightmare. I came home late and went to bed early. I stayed at work until 2:00am. I am so worn out. My SO is pissed at me for spending so much time at

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