Month: June 2008

Efficiency is paramount.

I totally jive with this. What, you don’t? You don’t have enough geekiness. Go away. Its from an old XKCD, but relevent nonetheless.

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Geek follow-ups… (or is it follows-up?)

Here are some things I found while following up on some of my geek reading: I’ve been using this trick for years, but gHacks just recently posted about it. It’s all about using the Windows Debugging Tools to tear apart

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Ubuntu is my new love

I decided to install Ubutnu 8.04 on The-Beast as a test. The video card was an issue (as always in Ubuntu for some reason), but I got that fixed. Everything else works perfectly fine. Audio and everything. SMB shares. It’s

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Malware Removal causes STOP: C0000135

Symptom You are running Windows XP and you recently removed some malware. After removing the malware, you get the following message on a blue screen (BSOD): STOP: C0000135 {Unable to locate component} This application has failed to start because [name]

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What pervert overdubs anime, anyways?

Why is it that 99.999% of anime created in Japan, overdubbed into English, and then released for consumption in the US has the vocal parts dubbed so the characters sound like they are having way too much “fun”? Whenever the

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How to burn APE/CUE combo as a disc

Sometimes I have an APE/CUE image combo of a CD on my computer and I want it on a CD for playing in the car or such, but I don’t have a CD Burning program that can automatically burn an

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HP LJ 1020 Spooler Service Restart Revisited

My previous fix for the HP LaserJet 1020 Spooler Service Restart issue did not stick. Upon reboot of the server, the problem returned and was not correctable in the manner previously described. I researched the issue again and found a

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No good geek deed goes unpunished

Here is a story. A story of how Murphy decided to pay me a visit and break me at every possible step.

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Had some extra hardware come into my possession, so I upgraded the server today. Upgraded the Athlon XP 1700+ to a 2800+, bumped it up to 1GB RAM, doubled the Hard Drive to 80GB and replaced the motherboard (or

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