Month: July 2008

Bored on the weekend

I haven’t gotten anywhere with the Mac project I noted on before. It’s basically ready to go, but I haven’t gotten around to implementing it yet. I was planning on setting up a development server for so I can

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WordPress Upgrade, and Mac Tricks?

Not enough crap going on, so I upgraded my WordPress installation. Like everyone else using the dreaded “index.php” configuration (which I used by accident in the beginning and now can’t change it easily because the permalinks are now all set…)

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Chinese plagiarism.

A chinese tech blog recently ripped off two posts of mine (the ones about the Laserjet 1020), verbatim, including all the links. Hell, one of the links points right back at my blog. They could have at least edited out

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Amazing Technology

Voyager 2 has to be one of the most amazing pieces of technology ever built. Launched over 30 years ago, the thing is still operational, responsive, and sending back data about the farthest outer reaches of our solar system. It

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USB Flash Drive Update

Seems I made a minor mistake in choosing my flash drive – I picked the NON-GT version of the Flash Survivor, misled by incorrect labeling on the website I from which I purchased it. It’s still a fast drive overall

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Mmmm… raspberries.

I happen to have 3 edible berry bushes in my yard, raspberry, redcurrant and elderberry. The raspberries are always ripe and ready to go around this time of year, and I always end up getting a couple of quarts of

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USB Flash Drive Woes

I want three things in my flash drive: The ability to attach it to my key-clip (I hate around-the-neck lanyards) Unsurpassed read AND write speed relative indestructibility. My two previous drives had only some of these characteristics. The first one,

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