Month: August 2008

Scrabble Game – 8.28.08

Gac kicks total butt. I got really bad tile pulls, resulting in very few bingos, hence the low score. At one point I had K,J,V and Q on my rack, and no U, A or T to work against. I

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Windows: No Shell, Explorer.exe not found

Running Windows XP (2k maybe)? Try to boot your computer and all you get is a background with no icons, no taskbar, no start menu and just a mouse cursor? Try this: Symptom When you try to boot your computer:

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Scrabble Game – 8.21.08

Inanis wins, by a very small margin. Gac was ahead in the early moves, but by move four, I started to sneak ahead. Points This Game Inanis: 627 | Gac: 597 Games Won Inanis: 17 Gac: 12 Play of the

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Circuit City just as bad as Best Buy

… In my opinion anyways. From the Consumerist… Circuit City Firedog Charges $40 To ‘Fix’ Computer You Just Bought “he noticed a $40 fee on his receipt. Turns out the associate claims he had to flash the computer’s BIOS or

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The Cantenna strikes again…

I would love to have the time to make one of these and actually use it…

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Vacation… and PA construction.

I am in Maryland for a week for vacation. A whole week of doing nothing work related. WOOT! In a related topic: what is with the road construction on I-79 in Pennsylvania? There are three construction zones between Washington PA

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