Month: December 2008

Calling all translators

I am in the process of making Inanis Glass multi-language capable, and I need some help doing this. I am willing to take on 2-4 volunteers…

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Apple IIc Plus and DuoDisk Work Together

If you have an Apple IIc Plus and have been frustrated with not being able to use 5.25″ floppies – I have news for you. The DuoDisk drive works with the Apple IIc Plus. I wanted to use 5.25″ floppies

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New Toy + Cool Story

It’s been a year since I acquired a new toy, but this one is quite cool. It’s an Apple IIe “Platinum”, with monitor, HUGE RAM card, DuoDisk w/controller, and some generic 3.5″ w/controller. I’m way behind: I still haven’t added

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Holidays = Over

Now that holidays are over, I can finally start paying attention to the throngs of people clamoring for support for Inanis Glass, especially those who have found bugs. I should be free this weekend to work on these issues and

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Delays – and some hardware fun.

Sorry to everyone who emailed me or commented over the past week with issues/comments/praise/rants about Inanis Glass. Holidays and overtime at work have made getting back to you difficult. Everyone should be up to date at this point… Here’s some

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Random Phone Pictures 1

So, here’s some weird random crap from my phone cam…

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SimCity4 on Ubuntu 8.10

I was challenged by Zarek to try SimCity4 on Ubuntu 8.10 because I was “complaining” about Ubuntu performance. This will be the second time I have done this, but the first time I will have blogged about it. Here’s what

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Inanis Glass v1.2 Available

Inanis Glass verison 1.2 is available for download. Get it now from MegaUpload, and later from WordPress when they approve it. Again, if you have issues with the theme, please use the Contact Me page instead of comments to avoid

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Scrabble – 12.6.2008

Inanis Wins. YAY. Points This Game Inanis: 671 | Gac:586 Games Won Inanis: 23 Gac: 21 Play of the Game None. Final Game Board

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Scrabble – 12.5.08

Gac Wins. UGH!!! Points This Game Inanis: 649 | Gac: 656 Games Won Inanis: 22 Gac: 21 Play of the Game None. Final Game Board

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