Month: March 2009

Legions of Power

When I was about 6 or 7, I had these weird toys. They were interlocking war machines of some kind. I loved the things, mostly because they allowed me to build all manner of odd looking devices. I made hand

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So Long good friend…

And so ends Battlestar Galactica, the best SciFi on TV since Star Trek: TNG. Let us all take a moment to reflect back on the show and remember it’s goodness. *wells up a little…. waits for StarTrek to get this

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Windows XP Logon Woes (Maybe Vista too…)

Another fix I found last week – a tip really. If you have a Windows XP machine that, when you try to log on to any account in both normal and safe mode, immediatly logs off before giving you a

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Windows XP – Odd Network Fix

This is a weird problem I encountered a week ago and thought I would share it. Apparently, some security software was removed from this person’s computer and it broke the network stack. It was McAfee I believe. In any case,

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Scrabble Game – 3.14.09 (Pi Day!)

Inanis Wins. Uber! Points This Game Inanis: 675 | Gac: 633 Games Won Inanis: 27 Gac: 23 Play of the Game Gac: played PI on turn 2 – for Pi day! Final Game Board

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I have returned…

… well, I returned several days ago, but with work being as HELL as it has been, I come home and basically turn off my brain so I haven’t even looked at the ‘blog or email. I will be getting

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