Month: August 2009

Favorite Windows Applications

I was sitting here today, working on The Beast, reinstalling my applications after switching from Vista Ultimate 32-bit to 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and thought I would share a list of some of my favorite applications, in no particular order. It’s

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New Theme

Just something different to look at while I play with my new theme in the background. Who knows when it will get finished. I like this theme. Clean. Elegant. Snappy. Enjoy, or something.

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In which I totally appreciate the geekiness…

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Theme Change…

Thinking about building a new custom theme for the ‘blog, using jQuery and a cool jQuery plugin I found. I will have to start playing and scheming… but first, I must get my development server working… UPDATE 8/22/09 00:09: Building

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Whenceforth I *scree* in joy…

Couple of things I found out in the past week that filled my geek heart with levels of geek joy until now not known by any geek anywhere (well, maybe just a little…)

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Play Time

Grabbed an unofficial/official RTM build of Windows 7 – running in 30 day trial mode, just to play with the OS. No key or cracks installed. I will definately be replacing this OS with a real TechNet version in less

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New Computer Hardware…

Due to the hardware failures in The Beast and a desire to create a media PC so I can watch Internet video on the Hi-Def, I’ve built a couple of new machines. Well, they aren’t completely built yet. They will

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