Month: September 2009

Sorry about the lack of updates…

This has been the week from hell at work. Phone ringing every 6 minutes on average (I pulled the phone records and did the math, it’s insane),

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Keep Firefox Up-To-Date in Ubuntu

Why doesn’t Canonical let you keep your firefox up-to-date via normal means? I’m not sure, but I found a cool tool that does. Ubuntuzilla is a little tool that

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Automount NTFS Partitions in Ubuntu

I had some minor trouble with this, mostly because I don’t know minutiae about Linux, so I needed some help. Making NTFS partitions automount makes life a bit easier,

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Spacetime Inversion

Check it out. I swear this is the thing we need for faster than light travel.

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Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit

I’ve been playing around with Ubuntu again, mostly just to entertain myself. Runs nicely on the new “The Beast”. I haven’t had any major glitches and all seems well.

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Inanis Glass 1.3.5 in testing…

I am testing Inanis Glass 1.3.5 on the site here. Everything seems to be in order. The only thing that I can see that was sacrificed was compatibility with IE6,

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Updates to Inanis Glass in progress…

I am working on the final (hopefully) incarnation of Inanis Glass, which will be version 1.3.5. After this, unless some major bug crops up, there will be no more versions of it.

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Server Problems

UPDATE: It’s fixed. It was a network configuration issue beyond the server. Not my fault! Yeah, I am aware of the server problems. No, I don’t know what’s causing. Yes, I’ll fix it soon. Have patience!

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Cool Things I’ve Learned Recently

Here’s a list of cool tech things I’ve learned about recently that may help you on your way. Bing sucks. Oh wait, that’s not news.

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Bing visual search thing – why?

So, I ask myself, why did Microsoft even release this thing, even as a beta? Basically, you start with a “gallery” and then “visually search” for what you want from there.

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