Month: November 2009

Book Nostalgia…

Anyone out there who is around my age (late 20’s) ever read a book called Lake Fear by Ian McMahan? I read that when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, and I loved it. It was about a boy

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Server Upgrades…

I am going to be upgrading today, bringing the OS version level up two spots so I can do a 32-bit to 64-bit conversion. Outages will occur. Life will move on. Double the bits, 2^32 more fun. (Maths. Weird.)

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Inanis + Droid = SCREE

I got a Motorola DROID phone to replace the old Motorola Q9c I had. If the iPhone is the Jesus Phone, then this thing is the God Phone. It is simply phenomenal. I won’t go into detail of the phone

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Dumping MySQL and Moving It

So, does anyone out there who follows my blog know how to take the ENITRE OPERATIONAL STATE, including GRANTS (or permissions, or whatever you call them), usernames and associated passwords and all the table/db data and move it from one

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