Month: December 2009

Frohe Festtage!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Athiest (like me) or anything else – may this happy holiday season bring you warm feelings and happy memories. (Christmas, to me, should be renamed to something else for

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Testing posting from the Droid.

This really isn’t anything but a test post from wpToGo on my droid. Oh, the inane things we do. Merry Christmas everybody!

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Yeah, that wasn’t supposed to happen…

Really, all I did was install some updates and somehow (read: it’s my fault), the swap file on the server went away and then the server refused to boot. I fixed it, so it’s all good. Long story short: I

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Inanis Glass 1.3.6

Inanis Glass has been updated to v1.3.6. I’ve made a couple of minor changes to the layout for blind readers, along with many aesthetic changes.  Unless there are any major problems with NON-IE6 users, this will be the last version

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I fix things…

Fixing things is in my genetic makeup. My grandfather built and fixed furniture. My father fixes cars and builds walls. My uncle built houses, barns, and pole buildings – oh, and also fixed cars. My brother: well, he fixes anything

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Inanis Glass 1.3.51 beta

Hey folks. I’m testing Inanis Glass 1.3.51. It’s all cosmetic changes, and some code optimization. Let me know if you have any problems viewing my ‘blog or if you run into any issues. If you want a preview beta copy,

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