Month: January 2010

AT&T Transcontinental Cable Route

I’ve suddenly become fascinated with old AT&T Transcontinental Cable Routes (L-Carrier) and their markers. I’ve collected a whole bunch of markers and taken pictures of them… If I get some more time, perhaps I will post a KML file. For

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Video Capture Software

Anyone out there who might be listening have any suggestions on good video capture software to grab dumps from VHS tape to my computer using my TV Tuner Card? I’m using VirtualDub, but it’s being wonky. For some reason, if

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OCRemix replies…

I have nothing better to do than complain about how I’m not good at something I really like, so here’s some entertainment based on that fact: A comment from the source itself, and my reply.

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Who won?

Inanis won, natch.

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