Month: April 2010

Recent Inanity – 4/17/2010

Switched back to Seven theme. Gotta promote it, and it works better for my site layout. Playing with Windows Home Server on a virtual machine – I want to see if it will work better for my household to use

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A change of scenery…

I’ve decided to activate my Heimat theme, for you to enjoy, or whatever. I’ll have the theme ready for your download pleasure soon. Still have a couple of minor things to tweak out.

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The. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Well, maybe not ever. But it’s still pretty neat-o.

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Heimat Theme

Here’s a quick Sandbox based theme I hacked up for a friend. That’s why I love Sandbox: you can create a nice stylish lightweight theme in about 6 hours of work. I’ll post it for download soon – I have

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Outage, again

Like I’ve said before, the server is wonky. When I reboot after security updates, it won’t restart the web and database services. I have to start them manually. If I forget… my site stays down until I remember. I

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