Month: May 2010

Inanis Seven Theme Update 2.0, and remembering fallen heroes…

And here another theme update. The US Memorial Holiday gave me a chance to do a couple of things. One was complete some massive updates to Inanis Seven, and the other was to remember those who have risked and given

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Inanis Seven Theme Update

Not that anyone really cares, but Inanis Seven is coming along nicely. Some of the coolest new things going on: more sidebars, dynamically generated Task Bar buttons depending on page width, theme customization, and lots of bug fixes.

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Professional Services Automation

I am looking into a PSA (Professional Services Automation) software package for my business. My company is an IT Managed Services Provider and our current solution isn’t quite up to snuff. I’ve been looking into AutoTask and ConnectWise. Anyone out

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Conference in a big town

So, here I am, bored out of my mind, one hour early for an IT conference in Columbus. I mean, it’s cool that I’m learning things, but a whole day to listen to talking heads ramble on about how their

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Group Policy Preferences

I know this is somewhat old news, but I really like it. Group Policy Preferences is a new (ish) extension to Group Policy provided on Active Directory domains that allows some cool stuph to happen. My favorite part, and from

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A “WTF” Moment

I hate, when writing code, you spend six hours trying to find why a particular bug is happening and your development framework isn’t helpful in its error messages.

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Recent Inanity – 5/10/2010

Here’s what’s going on in my world: Updated Inanis Seven a bit more and uploaded it live to I know there are bugs …

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Server Conversion Success is now running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit. I was able to move the database and file base over from the old install to the new install easily. For some reason, last time I tried it the –all-databases tag didn’t

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Recent Inanity – 5/1/2010

Just installed a new Netgear N router that I got for $30. Now I can play Windows Media Center streams from the Media-PC to the Laptop over wireless without skipping. YAY Working on Saturday sucks, but it pays the bills.

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