Month: July 2010

Still alive…

The cake is a lie...

Life is insane now. I’m making a note here: I’M DISTRESSED! It’s hard to work on this thing after work. I am still alive and I want to complete the theme, but I have no energy after work the past

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Music On The Levee

Just a quick update: heard a great 20s music concert here in Davenport IA tonight. Not usually my kind of music, but the band played exceptionally. It was super fun. Videos to come later… UPDATE: Video!

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Riverside, Iowa

Yes, I went there. Yes, I took pictures. Yes, I am a Trek fan. Even cooler than being there – running into other fans from New York passing through, making the same impromptu unlikely pilgrimage. Otherwise, I’m just having fun

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Blackberry Cobbler

Yeah, sometimes I bake, wanna fide abboud id? These things grow in my yard. The blackberries, that is. I collect around almost a quart a day. They keep on coming. I can’t stop them. I put them in yummie things

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ROFLCoptor, you are so fun.

To the person who used my contact form with the name “roflcoptor”: I am not entirely certain the purpose of your message. You sent me a message giving me the WHOIS information for the domain (that anyone can find),

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I’m still alive…

I’m still here folks, but since wrapping up major design on Inanis Seven, I’m taking a break. I’ve gotten all the comments, emails and beta requests. I’ll get back to them in a day or two, don’t worry. *watches the

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Our baby is 234 years old today…

“…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” – Abraham Lincoln Happy Birthday, USA.

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I live in a nice world. I try to be a nice guy. I don’t disable hotlinking by default. That was, until some website using an East Timor top-level domain was hot linking to the ENTIRE LOCAL COPY of Inanis

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Inanis Seven Beta Open

EDIT: Two Notes – 1) I know the Gadgets Sidebar is wonky during page resizes smaller than the width of the main column. 2) when I say “put your email address in the comments form”, I mean in the email

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