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Van Halen is back!

Showing the kids how to do it, since 1978. Back with Dave and strong as ever. Not a Van Halen fan? Go buy the new album – you will be.

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Happy new year.

And so 2011 comes to a close. Many neat things have happened and we’ve lost many important people this year. Let us take count of what we have and what’s to come. Happy 2012 everyone. 365 to go.

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A long ride…

Wow. So the database fell over and I never had the time to fix it. I fixed it today. Sorry to anyone who may have been inconvenienced. wp_options table was broken.

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Goodbye Steve…

Henry Ford. Thomas Edison. And then there was Steve Jobs. One of the greatest innovators in American history. He changed the way we all work, play and perceive computers and consumer electronics. The man, with the help of his talented group of

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Completely disorganized… is completely disorganized. I’m thinking of burning it down and rebuilding it from scratch. Use WordPress “network” functionality and put all the Wiki pages into WordPress with a single codebase, then organize the sites by Categories instead of pages.

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New hardware and cleaning

I have acquired a Commodore 64. No, an old one. A breadbox. Complete with a whole bunch of stuff, software, printers, accessories, etc.. I might add it to the computer museum page at some point, but I just don’t really

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New Digs…

*Still Alive plays in the background…* Yeah, still here. Been busy making a move and getting an upgrade to my Internet connection. What was once 8m/.5m is now 12m/1m, with 22m boost at the beginning. It’s nice. New blog theme.

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Adventures in Video

I’ve been working a bit with video transcoding and editing lately. It all started when I got an iPad in November. I wanted to watch my Windows 7 Media Center recorded TV Shows on the iPad in a different room.

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A little behind…

I do have some updates to apply to i7, but I’ve been busy tonight. Encoding some movies and burning with DVDFlick for gifts, installing Win98(!), MacOS X Snow Leopard and Ubuntu 10.04 on VMWare, plus doing some research on video

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Day 3 – Canon Pics

Multiple Pictures taken with the Canon today. Evitt’s Mountain is an insane hike, but the telephoto gave us some nice piccies. Enjoy!

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