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Server Upgrade

This blog was moved to a clean LAMP installation on 3/6/2015. During this upgrade, the hosted pathname changed and old links may have broken. All the content should be there, but if you find a missing link you may have

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Tricks to making bootable USB drives for Windows.

Nothing of any major import, but a basic reference to help me remember where to get this info next time. Rufus: created bootable USB the easy way Settings for Rufus to make UEFI bootable devices. That is all.

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Printing to Windows Printers from iOS 5

When Apple released iOS 5, some change they made to it made most of the previous instructions on the Internet to allow one to print from these devices to Windows non-AirPrint printers no longer work. In an update to my

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A long ride…

Wow. So the database fell over and I never had the time to fix it. I fixed it today. Sorry to anyone who may have beenĀ inconvenienced. wp_options table was broken.

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New hardware and cleaning

I have acquired a Commodore 64. No, an old one. A breadbox. Complete with a whole bunch of stuff, software, printers, accessories, etc.. I might add it to the computer museum page at some point, but I just don’t really

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New Digs…

*Still Alive plays in the background…* Yeah, still here. Been busy making a move and getting an upgrade to my Internet connection. What was once 8m/.5m is now 12m/1m, with 22m boost at the beginning. It’s nice. New blog theme.

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Adventures in Video

I’ve been working a bit with video transcoding and editing lately. It all started when I got an iPad in November. I wanted to watch my Windows 7 Media Center recorded TV Shows on the iPad in a different room.

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Wil Wheaton is awesome.

And so is Star Trek. ‘Nuff said.

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i7 Update

Based on the last round of comments, I’ve made some changes. Grab a copy and check it out! i7 Version – [download] – 563kb 7zip file A list of the quick fixes after the jump…

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Inanis Seven (i7) Update

And now for something (not at all) completely different: i7 Download now! – [download] – 562kb 7zip file This will most likely be the last Beta. I can’t think of anything else to tweak or add. Please, download this,

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