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Server Outage

Sorry about that. Hyper-V server had a bad power supply. I was on vacation and couldn’t repair the problem quickly. I swear, I just need to cloud host this. Been saying it for years now.

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Tricks to making bootable USB drives for Windows.

Nothing of any major import, but a basic reference to help me remember where to get this info next time. Rufus: created bootable USB the easy way Settings for Rufus to make UEFI bootable devices. That is all.

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To the mountains again…

It’s time for another fall trip to the mountains. It’s going to be great because I am going to have more than just a couple of days to trudge over rocks, through woods and in swamps. I am going to

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The. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Well, maybe not ever. But it’s still pretty neat-o.

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AT&T Transcontinental Cable Route

I’ve suddenly become fascinated with old AT&T Transcontinental Cable Routes (L-Carrier) and their markers. I’ve collected a whole bunch of markers and taken pictures of them… If I get some more time, perhaps I will post a KML file. For

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Inanis + Droid = SCREE

I got a Motorola DROID phone to replace the old Motorola Q9c I had. If the iPhone is the Jesus Phone, then this thing is the God Phone. It is simply phenomenal. I won’t go into detail of the phone

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Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit

I’ve been playing around with Ubuntu again, mostly just to entertain myself. Runs nicely on the new “The Beast”. I haven’t had any major glitches and all seems well.

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Whenceforth I *scree* in joy…

Couple of things I found out in the past week that filled my geek heart with levels of geek joy until now not known by any geek anywhere (well, maybe just a little…)

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More server news.

The server was continuing to do weird things so I did some more research. The mysqld service was randomly crashing because of an out of memory error, even though the damned server has 2GB of RAM and plenty to spare

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WordPress 2.7 is now running WordPress 2.7, in case anyone wanted to know. I am sorry I haven’t gotten to any of the comments or email lately

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