Printing to Windows Printers from iOS 5

When Apple released iOS 5, some change they made to it made most of the previous instructions on the Internet to allow one to print from these devices to Windows non-AirPrint printers no longer work.

In an update to my previous post about this, I have some changes to the procedure. Follow the procedure below, but in the “service creation” point, you have to change the parameters on the pathname. After “airprint.exe”, replace the “-s” with the following:

-R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s

If you already have AirPrint installed, check make sure you use “sc.exe Delete Airprint” at an Administrator level command prompt (or power shell, I suppose) to remove the current entry, then follow the instructions again.

Kudos to Guimon on the Apple Forums for the changes.

  1. Install the app from this page
  2. Do the stuff at this page, sans the iTunes stuff and change the pathname as described above.
  3. Open the 2008 R2 firewall Control Panel
  4. Right click on Bonjour Service, click Advanced tab, and check all three checkmarks (Domain, Public, Private)
  5. Create a rule for the AirPrint.exe file from step 2 to match the Bonjour Service on step 4.
  6. Print from your iPad
  7. Profit.
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