Joe Strosnider – Professional Nerd


I’m the Director of IT Sales and Service for Dynamic Networks, a Managed IT Services Provider. Since taking over operations at Dynamic Networks predecessor ECR in 2003, I’ve completely changed the way it as helped it’s clients, moving it away from a simple break/fix model to a sophisticated Managed IT Services system with proactive management and cloud integration. I transformed our local IT shop and made it a professional organization – something of which I can be proud.

Basically: I get paid to play with computers all day and make them make magic for my clients.

I have a YouTube channel based on my computer museum. You should go check both of ’em out. They’re pretty nifty.

In the past…

Oh, I’ve done all kinds of things, from farm work to fast food. Some of my varied experiences and hobbies include:

  • Building and hacking things to make them “just work”.
  • Web and graphic design
  • Professional quality video editing and production
  • Writing copy for radio and  print advertising
  • Voice over work for radio ads and phone system recordings
  • Intermediate programming and scripting

I’ve always had an affinity for computers and related technology though, and it’s always been my primary career.

Other things…

I am a CompTIA A+ Certified Technician with over 16 years of professional experience in the IT Services industry.

I’d like to think I’m a well rounded technologist – an expert in few, but knowledgeable about all.

I know Windows and Mac. I’ve figured out how to set up just about anything on anything, from simple linux webservers (like the one running this site) to modern Hyper-V systems (like the one hosting the linux box running this site), to Microsoft Scale-Out File Server Clusters hosting file loads to Microsoft Hyper-V Clusters (that was a fun project!).

No one in my business knows everything, including me. That’s why I’ve become a great Googler. I know how to find things and implement those findings fast.

Oh, I have this computer museum thing.