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Outage, again

Like I’ve said before, the Inanis.net server is wonky. When I reboot after security updates, it won’t restart the web and database services. I have to start them manually. If I forget… my site stays down until I remember. I

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Minor Glitches in that last version…

So, I posted Inanis Glass about 24 hours too early. Found two minor glitches in the version I just uploaded. The only file that needs to be replaced is functions.js. You can download that here to just replace your broken

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Sorry about the weirdness….

I am trying to figure out what it is on my ‘blog that is breaking any and all Lightbox-style plugins for picture previewing. I am going to switch around themes and things until I find it, so don’t worry, nothing’s

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Server Problems

UPDATE: It’s fixed. It was a network configuration issue beyond the server. Not my fault! Yeah, I am aware of the server problems. No, I don’t know what’s causing. Yes, I’ll fix it soon. Have patience!

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PageRank Insanity… and advertising

Apparently, my blog has a higher PageRank than both xkcd and jefbot. I am willing to bet quite a bit of money (not really) that my page is MUCH less popular than those two webcomics, but whatever. Why is it

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New Theme

Just something different to look at while I play with my new theme in the background. Who knows when it will get finished. I like this theme. Clean. Elegant. Snappy. Enjoy, or something.

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Theme Change…

Thinking about building a new custom theme for the ‘blog, using jQuery and a cool jQuery plugin I found. I will have to start playing and scheming… but first, I must get my development server working… UPDATE 8/22/09 00:09: Building

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Inanis Glass 1.3 is released

Inanis Glass 1.3 has been released. You can download it right from Inanis.net this time, barring a billion downloads kill the server. If you have been using a previous version of Inanis Glass, it is HIGHLY suggested to upgrade to

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Delays – and some hardware fun.

Sorry to everyone who emailed me or commented over the past week with issues/comments/praise/rants about Inanis Glass. Holidays and overtime at work have made getting back to you difficult. Everyone should be up to date at this point… Here’s some

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Inanis.net Server Upgrade

Had some extra hardware come into my possession, so I upgraded the Inanis.net server today. Upgraded the Athlon XP 1700+ to a 2800+, bumped it up to 1GB RAM, doubled the Hard Drive to 80GB and replaced the motherboard (or

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