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Tricks to making bootable USB drives for Windows.

Nothing of any major import, but a basic reference to help me remember where to get this info next time. Rufus: created bootable USB the easy way Settings for Rufus to make UEFI bootable devices. That is all.

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New hardware and cleaning

I have acquired a Commodore 64. No, an old one. A breadbox. Complete with a whole bunch of stuff, software, printers, accessories, etc.. I might add it to the computer museum page at some point, but I just don’t really

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The Beast has a little problem…

I came back from vacation on Sunday to find that my primary computer would not POST. Checked it out and it was a bad stick of RAM. Got new RAM in, even doubled the amount that was in the computer

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Downtime – Part 2

Who thought my brother was that smart. Well, he is smart, but not usually with computers. I was telling him about my computer woes and the first thing he said was ‘cold soldered‘ joint.

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