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Printing to Windows Printers from iOS 5

When Apple released iOS 5, some change they made to it made most of the previous instructions on the Internet to allow one to print from these devices to Windows non-AirPrint printers no longer work. In an update to my

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HP LJ 1020 Spooler Service Restart Revisited

My previous fix for the HP LaserJet 1020 Spooler Service Restart issue did not stick. Upon reboot of the server, the problem returned and was not correctable in the manner previously described. I researched the issue again and found a

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HP LaserJet 1020 Spooler Service Restart

UPDATE: The following procedure did not work for very long. See the new procedure. If you are sharing an HP LaserJet 1020 USB printer over a network, and you have problems printing to it without restarting the print spooler service

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My first professional printer repair

I did my first professional printer repair today. The short story: laser printer repair is remarkably easy. The long story: Had an HP LJ1200 at front desk and a LJ1000 in the shop. The 1200’s laser unit died a few

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Fix missing services & Active Directory / Remote Desktop / Network Printer Missing

It’s a two-fer today. First off,  if you have a Windows XP machine (2k variants, too probably) that has a completely missing, yet normally present system service, lets say like, Windows Audio, you can fix it fairly easily by "grafting"

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