I’m also a Writer

Headed to a bookstore near you…

I have several novels brewing at the moment. I also have one short story that might be turned into a novella – whatever I decide.

I have no publications to my name, but writing is hard work, you know? Takes quite a bit of trial, error, patience, wisdom, rumination and several rounds of rejection before one is published. Baby steps, every day.

I post most of my musings about writing on my tumblr – J.S. Strosnider Writes – along with plenty of other unrelated material.


From Paradise is a Crowded Bar

I got it. I finally knew my place, my role – my reason for being, the entire purpose to my existence. I smiled ear to ear, ecstatic, filled with joy at what I was about to accomplish. I was going to see what I had always wanted in my lifetime but never experienced. To see humanity break beyond the confines of her Earthly home and make her way back out into the stars from where she had come. I had never been so happy.

From Shrink

I took a seat in one of the three extremely uncomfortable, metal frame, barely padded, pleather upholstered chairs inhabiting the small waiting area. The decor was very out of date. It was like the year 1974 – in sensing it’s impending doom on New Years Eve – got plastered just before the ball dropped, crashed here, threw up then died. Dark wood paneled walls, badly worn dark brown carpet, dusty fake ficus in the corner, horrible buzzing fluorescent lighting overhead and not a single window to the outside. The room was so small it would make a claustrophobe nervous. I spied a closed circuit camera just above the faux-cus, not terribly well hidden, although it was obvious someone tried to hide it. Or maybe they wanted me to think they tried to hide it. Always mind games with these people. I made sure to look directly at the camera and smile. I was sure it was for more than just security.

From Shadows of Paradise

He saw what seemed like stars floating in his field of view. He swam in the heavens. The stars coalesced into galaxies, the galaxies then into a huge turquoise swirl, the swirl into an image of Earth, blue and beautiful. He orbited Earth for what seemed like an eternity. He felt a familiar closeness and looked to his left where he found his mother and father, standing side by side, smiling. He felt as if he was wrapped inside joy. The feeling didn’t last. His parents began to recede into the blackness of space and he was suddenly consumed with dread, loss and anger. He felt like he was falling. He turned to look at Earth as it grew larger in his vision. He could feel the fury of the air in his face as the ground rushed up toward him. Soon, all that filled his view was green, forest. Then individual trees. Then his home, smoke rising from the hole left during the incident. He fell into the gaping maw of the hole, swallowed by it, and then everything was in slow-motion. As he approached the fire and concrete below, he looked out and saw his father’s face floating large in a torrent of smoke and heard his voice. “Promise me,” the face implored. Ian looked back down and found himself centimeters from the floor. Unable to react, he felt the pressure of his impact with the concrete. It burned him, hot from the flames. Just then, his vision exploded into an immense array of fire, engulfing him. Curls of flame licked his limbs and swirled around him before floating off into individual points of light, the stars. The pattern then repeated.