Amiga 500 to Amiga 1084 RGB Cable

Quick documentation of the pinout of making a replacement RGB cable for the Amiga 500 to connect to the Amiga 1084 Monitor, primarily because I couldn’t find a pinout diagram online that worked properly.

  • Use a D-subminiature or D-Sub DB-23 Female (if you can find one), or modify a DB-25 female by cutting off one end with a rotary tool.
  • The DIN connector is “DIN 45522 6-pin at 60°”. Part numbers like SD-60, 611-0600 or 12GM6MX
  • Use whatever wire you like and solder red-to-red, green-to-green, etc. I use stranded Ethernet cable as it’s flexible, ubiquitous, comes in a complete package and has enough conductors.