Apple IIc Plus

Portable, versatile and fast.

Apple IIc Plus Badge
Apple IIc Plus Badge

Narrative »

  • A coworker acquired this machine from a local school and sold it to me for $100.

Vital Stats »

  • Model Number: A2S4500
  • Serial Number: E933F9QA2S4500 – Manufactured during the 33rd week of 1989 in Singapore.

Acquisition Data »

  • Acquisition Date: Spring/Summer 2004
  • Acquisition Method: Purchase
  • Acquired From: Coworker

Physical Condition »

  • Condition: Good. Minimal yellowing.
  • Last Tested Date: 10/5/2014
  • Other: Original power cord present and video cable present. None of the associated packaging is present. Manuals are not present.

Associated Accessories »

  • ReactiveMicro No-Slot-Clock installed.
  • A Berkeley Softworks geoMouse from my Laser 128 is used frequently with this machine.

Photographs »

IIc Plus running Apple II Desktop Version 1.1
IIc Plus running Apple II Desktop Version 1.1