Commodore 64

Commodore 64 Boot ScreenOld, brown and… bread-boxy. But boy, does it have an awesome set of accessories with it!

Narrative »

  • Another client with another machine. Annette sold this unit to me with four boxes of extras, including manuals and software unopened. Killer find.

Vital Stats »

  • Model Number: C64
  • Serial Number: P5136765 B

Acquisition Data »

  • Acquisition Date: April 2011
  • Acquisition Method: Purchase, $300
  • Acquired From: Client

Physical Condition »

  • Condition: Fair. The SID has failed (the analog side, I believe) and has been replaced with a NanoSID. Missing nameplate, feet won’t stay on, some nicks and scratches.
  • Last Tested Date: 10/5/2014
  • Other: Original power brick present, but unreliable and the cause of the death of the SID so I cut off the end and attached it to two external wall bricks. Not smart, I know, but I couldn’t for the life of me get a proper plug to solder and stay soldered. None of the associated packaging is present. Manuals, cables and all original pieces are present.

Associated Accessories »

  • Montgomery Ward 12387A Color Television
  • Commodore Antenna Switch Box [904778-01] with RCA Cable
  • Commodore 1541 Single Floppy Disk Drive with Manual
  • 1K Data Commander 22 Data Access Recorder with box and manual
  • Commodore MPS 803 Dot Matrix Printer with Serial Cable and Manual
  • Star SG-10 Dot Matrix Printer with Manual
    • Xetec Super Graphix Interface Module with box and manual
    • Xetec Super Graphix Interface Module [broken power plug]
  • KoalaPad TouchTablet with stylus, box, manuals and software [draw surface bubbling]
    • KoalaPainter software and manual
  • Digital Vision COMPUTEREYES System with software, manuals and printed inserts
    • Panasonic CCTV Camera WV-140 with manual and cables
  • Two Gemini AS-540 Microphones
  • “The POWER-STICK” miniature joystick
  • Comrex ComMander Deluxe Joystick with box and manual
  • Commodore Super Expander Cartridge with Manual
  • Epyx Fast Load Cartridge with Box and Manual [A107]
  • An absolute goldmine of other software, books, guides and manuals, notably:
    • Abacus Software Pascal-64 for the Commodore Sixty Four – unopened
    • Abacus Software Assembler Monitor for the Commodore-64 and -128 – unopened
    • ABACUS Software Inc. Receipt 64465 dated 09/22/86 for:
      • C-64 Cobol
      • C-64 BASIC Compiler
    • ABACUS Software Inc. Receipt 65351 dated 10/09/86 for:
      • C-64 Ada Training Course
      • C-64 Assembler/Monitor (mentioned above)
      • C-64 Pascal-64 (mentioned above)
    • Popcorn Software Popcorn Desktop for Tandy 1000 – no idea how it got in with C64 stuff…

Photographs »

Commodore 64 System

c64sw1 c64sw2