Performa 630CD

A donation from a client of mine.

Narrative »

    Mr. Frye donated this computer to me when he needed an upgrade.

Vital Stats »

  • Model Number: M3076
  • Serial Number: XC4485YK3YH2
  • Build Date: 11/30/1994 9:31 PM

Acquisition Data »

  • Acquisition Date: 2006-ish
  • Acquisition Method: Donation
  • Acquired From: Client Dropoff

Physical Condition »

  • Vitals: MacOS 7.5.5, 36MB RAM, 250MB SCSI HDD
  • Condition: Good, some yellowing. Plastic is very brittle and some clips have broken.
    • 1 November 2014: Machine boots. Bad PRAM Battery. Power Supply has high pitched squeal, likely bad capacitor.
    • 13 July 2008: Bad Hard Drive diagnosed, doesn’t affect normal boot, but some apps have problems.
  • Other: Original keyboard and mouse present. Power cable not present. None of the associated packaging or manuals is present.
  • Repair and Preservation Information:
    • If you are replacing the Hard Drive on these machines, please be aware of the following:
      • That your replacement disk is no greater than 8GB.
        • Devices larger than this may function, but you will only be able to use a maximum of 8GB of space, and partition it into 4GB max partitions.
      • That you have connected the disk to another machine and initialized it with Disk Setup ahead of time or you have booted from a system that contains the aLoadIDE extension.
      • Failure to follow the above two rules will result in the machine not seeing your replacement disk.
    • OS install CD available at
    • Teardown Instructions:

Associated Accessories »

  • Apple Performa Plus Display

Photographs »