Personal System/2 Model 30 286

The PS/2 Models 30 was among the lowest-end models in the PS/2 lineup and meant to replace the IBM PC and XT. It had either an 8086 or 286 CPU and sported the full 101-key keyboard and standalone monitor along with five ISA expansion slots. 8086 models had 720k floppies while 286 models had 1.44MB ones. This model could have an optional 20MB ST-506 hard disk. 286-based Model 30s are otherwise a full AT-class machine and support up to 4MB of RAM.

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    Vital Stats »

    • Model Number: Type 8530-E21
    • Serial Number: 23-7090450
    • Operating System: IBM Personal Computer DOS Version 3.30 on internal Hard Disk

    Acquisition Data »

    • Acquisition Date: Pre-2005
    • Acquisition Method: Donation
    • Acquired From: Client Dropoff

    Physical Condition »

    • Condition: Good, minimal yellowing.
      • 7 December 2014: It boots and runs. Has codes 0161 and 0163 on POST. Keyboard is wonky.
    • Other: Original keyboard and power cable present. None of the associated packaging or manuals is present.

    Associated Accessories »

    • IBM Personal Systems Color Display {Type 8510 001/ Serial# 23-C1442 / Failing flyback}

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