Preserving Kaypro 1 Disks

How to use some simple tools to preserve your Kaypro 1 Disks.


The Kaypro 1 uses a unique disk formatting system. It can be read by DOS machines, but only if you use the right tools and settings. The following information is the most basic required to perform a disk backup or write function. Specific details on what the different formats are can be found in the readme file with Dave Dunfield’s ImageDisk utility, here.

This information also assumes you know how to boot an old computer to DOS in order to run the utilities, and how to get information on/off that computer to other modern computers.


  • Your original Kaypro 1 Floppy disk(s)
  • DOS capable machine running DOS 6.22 with a 1.2MB 5.25″ Floppy Drive
    • If you have access to a machine like Frankie, you’ll be able to archive disks to modern media, and even download new images from the Internet.
  • Dave Dunfield’s ImageDisk utility: here
  • Some Double Sided, Double Density Disks – if you’re looking to copy to more floppy media


  • Boot to DOS
  • Run ImageDisk
  • Set the Settings as such:
    • Drive [your floppy drive letter]
    • Cylinders: 80
    • Sides: Two
    • Double-Step: On
    • 300 => 250
    • 250 => 300
  • Copy the disks.

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