PS/1 Model 2121

The 2121 series with an Intel 80386SX processor running at 16 MHz, was designed to be easy to set up and use. It used the same form factor as the 2011 series, but included up to two ISA slots inside the case. Memory could be expanded from 2MiB to 6MiB using a proprietary 4 MiB memory module. Similar to a few Tandy 1000 models, the early PS/1’s had an operating system (PC DOS 4.01) built into ROM, rather than loading it from a hard drive. It was possible to have the computer boot from the hard drive if the operating system was upgraded.

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    Vital Stats »

    • Model Number: Type 8530-E21
    • Serial Number: 23-7090450
    • Operating System: PC DOS 4.01 (in ROM) with “Loader” GUI / Microsoft Windows 3.1 on internal Hard Disk

    Acquisition Data »

    • Acquisition Date: Pre-2005
    • Acquisition Method: Donation
    • Acquired From: Client Dropoff

    Physical Condition »

    • Condition: Good, minimal yellowing.
      • 7 December 2014: It boots and runs. Has codes 161 and 163 on POST. Keyboard has failed.
    • Other: Original keyboard and mouse present. None of the associated packaging or manuals is present.

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    • None.

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