Texas Instruments TI-82 [#1]

The calculator I used in high school for algebra.

Narrative »

  • This device is nothing more than the calculator I used in high school for algebra. I could have had the TI-85, the super special one all the other kids got that could run all the assembly games, but because I presumed my mom would balk at the price, I asked for the “smaller” one instead. She even asked me if I was sure, did I want the TI-85 instead. Stupid. But this guy got me through algebra (barely) and helped me learn a little more about programming (barely).

Vital Stats »

  • Model Number: TI-82
  • Serial Number: 39022829

Acquisition Data »

  • Acquisition Date: Summer 1994
  • Acquisition Method: Purchase
  • Acquired From: Parent

Physical Condition »

  • Condition: Powers, but not usable.
  • Last Tested Date: 2/12/2015 – Keys 1,2,3 and + don’t work.
  • Other: Manual is present.

Associated Accessories »

  • None.

Photographs »