VTech Laser 128

laser128_badgeThe portable Apple II that outdid the IIc.

Narrative »

  • A client dropped this off at the office with a box of goodies.

Vital Stats »

  • Model Number: ?
  • Serial Number: 84477

Acquisition Data »

  • Acquisition Date: 2003
  • Acquisition Method: Donation
  • Acquired From: Client

Physical Condition »

  • Condition: Good. Minimal yellowing.
  • Last Tested Date:
  • Other: Original power power brick present. None of the associated packaging is present. User’s Guide/BASIC Manual and hard bound Technical Reference Manual are present.

Associated Accessories »

  • Berkeley Softworks geoMouse
  • Laser Joystick
  • “Big Blue” Thermal Printer with Manual [Model: 5181001 / FCCID: AZD9MA5181001 / Serial: 0173156]
    • Canon Manufactured, commonly rebadged by IBM – this particular device has a custom manual for the specific pairing of this printer and the Laser 128 and was resold/rebadged by Computer Direct from Barrington, Illinois – a company that seems no longer to be operating.
  • Okidata OKIMate 20 Thermal Transfer Printer, with manuals [Model: EN3211 / Serial: 809A0179542]
  • Laser 128 RGB Cable, in box
  • Software
    • Broderbund Software The Print Shop Creative Workshop Series, in box.
    • Bill Budge Pinball Construction Set, in box with manual
    • Infocom Zork I, in box with all original inserts
    • Sega/Main Street Publishing Frogger, with instruction sheet
    • Walt Disney Software (Hi-Tech Expressions) Matterhorn Screamer, in box
    • Ray Tobey’s Skyfox, in box
    • Random House Software Garfield Double Dares, in box
    • American Educational Computer sleeve and instruction sheet – disk missing
    • Artsci Magicalc, Magic Memory, Magic Words with Manuals
    • Spinnaker Sum Ducks, in box
    • ComputerEasy Spell Castle, in box
    • ComputerEasy, Math Climbers, in box

Photographs »

Laser 128 running Apple II Desktop
Laser 128 running Apple II Desktop