Apple IIe [15/1983]

The second computer I ever owned: an industry icon.



  • On a whim, I had picked up a copy of a state wide trade/swap paper (think craigslist, but tactile) and found this listed. The owner lived in town. It was a miracle! Acquired as part of a deal with my mother, I agreed to do a certain amount of housework in exchange for this and his companion for me to tinker. This machine is the reason I am a computer technician today.

Vital Stats

  • Model Number: A2S2064
  • Serial Number: 1A2S2-277998
  • Board Revision: B
  • Board Date Code: 15th week 1983

Acquisition Data

  • Acquisition Date: March 1994
  • Acquisition Method: Purchase
  • Acquired From: Gift from Parent

Physical Condition

  • Condition: Good. Yellowing is moderate. Video jack is a little wonky. Delete key center shaft is broken. Small nick in front bezel, and other signs of normal wear.
    • 30 June 2018: Disassembled, cleaned, reassembled. Passed Apple //e Diagnostics.
    • 31 January 2016: Works okay. Power supply is marginal and doesn’t operate properly with a CFFA3000 installed in Slot 7 with a USB device attached.
    • 28 December 2014: Powered up, booted up.
  • Other: None of the associated packaging is present. Applesoft Manual present, other original manuals not present.  Came, however, with an Original Apple ][ manual instead.

Associated Accessories

  • Home Brew Apple IIe Enhancement Kit installed 31 Jan 2016.
  • Maxim Semiconductor No-Slot Clock under C-D ROM
  • AUX: Applied Engineering Ramworks III card w/1MB RAM
  • Slot 1: Apple II Super Serial Card
  • Slot 6: Apple Disk ][ Card
    • Two Apple Disk ][ Drives [A2M0003]
  • Slot 7: Original Compact Flash for Apple II
  • Apple Scribe Printer – discarded, bad print head, I didn’t preserve things very well back then!
  • Apple Modem 1200 – just the board, no casing. Non functional. Again, I didn’t really preserve things…
  • Apple Monitor II
  • Assorted software manuals, cables and software.


Homebrew Apple //e Enhancement Kit shown installed in the computer.
Homebrew Apple //e Enhancement Kit

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