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Let me start by saying that documentation on this device is scant.

When I discovered that my Macintosh 512k had one in it (on 10/22/2015 – years after I got it!) I decided to fully max out the RAM. I mean, why not? So, I just dropped in some RAM and was greeted with all manner of Sad Mac incarnations. You know what they say: RTFM.

I went on a hunt for any kind of official or unofficial documentation on the device, how to set the DIP switches, which slots to put the RAM in. I still didn’t find anything, save for one link in a forum, but the information there indicated no working solution. So I just brute forced the process and found which slots RAM goes in, and what settings to set the switches. To get one of these to work with 4MB of RAM, do the following:

  • Install four 1MB 30Pin SIMM modules in the lower two banks of slots. By lower, I mean the two banks closest to the edge of the board. (see pictures below)
  • Set the DIP Switches to 1=on, 2=on, 3=on
  • Enjoy!

The board can also support a 2MB RAM Disk with the right software. I have yet to find a manual or any software for this board, so I have no idea how to make that RAM Disk function properly.

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