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Server Outage

Sorry about that. Hyper-V server had a bad power supply. I was on vacation and couldn’t repair the problem quickly. I swear, I just need to cloud host this. Been saying it for years now.

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Server Upgrade

This blog was moved to a clean LAMP installation on 3/6/2015. During this upgrade, the hosted pathname changed and old links may have broken. All the content should be there, but if you find a missing link you may have

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Tricks to making bootable USB drives for Windows.

Nothing of any major import, but a basic reference to help me remember where to get this info next time. Rufus: created bootable USB the easy way Settings for Rufus to make UEFI bootable devices. That is all.

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Protected: L5 Cable Route Goodies

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Stuck Configuring 3 of 3 on Windows Vista, 7, 2008 and similar OS

If your Vista/7/2008 machine gets stuck installing/configuring update 3 of 3 after a recent update cycle, you can follow this procedure, but ONLY as a last resort. BEWARE: this may leave your machine in an unstable state. to read about

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Correcting or Fixing a Corrupt User Profile in Windows 7

Restart your computer. This releases any locks Windows may have on the profile folders. Log on with an account with administrative priviledges. Move C:Users%username% to a safe location (%username% being the account that has the corrupt profile) Delete C:UsersTEMP, if it exists.

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Van Halen is back!

Showing the kids how to do it, since 1978. Back with Dave and strong as ever. Not a Van Halen fan? Go buy the new album – you will be.

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Happy new year.

And so 2011 comes to a close. Many neat things have happened and we’ve lost many important people this year. Let us take count of what we have and what’s to come. Happy 2012 everyone. 365 to go.

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Printing to Windows Printers from iOS 5

When Apple released iOS 5, some change they made to it made most of the previous instructions on the Internet to allow one to print from these devices to Windows non-AirPrint printers no longer work. In an update to my

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A long ride…

Wow. So the database fell over and I never had the time to fix it. I fixed it today. Sorry to anyone who may have been inconvenienced. wp_options table was broken.

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